How could it be that one of the best known personalities on the African Continent is virtually unknown in the United States? Meet T.B. Joshua who holds tens of millions of his followers and believers in his pocket. Joshua is a Nigerian televangelist who is highly respected by many of Africa’s leaders and worshipped by the common people across Africa. He is the Minister or Prophet of The Synagogue Church of All Nations and Prophet Joshua manages to keep quite busy preaching on television and conferring with African leaders like President Mills of Ghana and Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai. Soccer coaches also seek him, particularly after Zimbabwe’s top soccer executive was able to rise from his wheelchair after an audience with the “Prophet”.

What is unique about this self-styled “Prophet’s” following is that it is based on a fair number of rather amazing and accurate predictions. Joshus predicted the death of Malawi’s President with great accuracy as well as the passing of Michael Jackson. Zambia’s unanticipated win in a major soccer tournament was another of Joshua’s predictions. The devotion of the masses has a great deal to do with the fact that Joshua posts his predictions on his church’s web site for all to see. The accuracy of his predictions is what gives him credibility and many believe that he is truly working through the hand of god. In the small villages and coffee huts in Africa’s interior, those with access to a television are enraptured by the man they call “Joshua”.