Cruise Profiler

Our Exclusive Traveltruth Personal Cruise Ship Profiler

Over the past decade, we have developed a BEST CRUISE SHIP FOR YOU profile mechanism that allows us to determine which specific cruise ship, from among more than 400 options, most closely meets your personal needs and preferences.

For the very first time anywhere, you will now be able to have a group of award-winning cruise industry professionals select the one ship that most closely meets your particular needs. There is no charge for this service.

Your Ship Profile selection will not be influenced by any commercial considerations. We do not accept cruise line sponsorship or advertising, and your responses are handled on a strictly confidential basis. We do not sell the names of visitors to our site. Our sole purpose is to offer the first-time or experienced cruiser an objective alternative to industry hype and hyperbole. We don’t want you to make a costly mistake when selecting the right ship or line.

This is not a robotic selection process. Instead, your responses to the questions that follow are carefully analyzed by our senior staff. Our ship selection is made by committee.

We will call you with our recommendation. If we are extremely busy, you will receive our recommendation by e-mail rather then phone. If more than two members of our Profile Committee are out of the country on ship inspections, you will be notified our response will take a bit longer. We trust you will understand that this is a serious process involving several people.

Please click on the one answer that best describes you (and your partner) and your personal cruise ship requirements. Press SEND when you have completed all questions. All fields are required; if a valid name, address, phone, and e-mail is not provided you will not receive an answer.

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