Cruise Profiler

Our Exclusive Traveltruth Personal Cruise Ship Profiler

Over the past decade, we have developed a BEST CRUISE SHIP FOR YOU profile mechanism that allows us to determine which specific cruise ship, from among more than 400 options, most closely meets your personal needs and preferences.

For the very first time anywhere, you will now be able to have a group of award-winning cruise industry professionals select the one ship that most closely meets your particular needs. There is no charge for this service.

Your Ship Profile selection will not be influenced by any commercial considerations. We do not accept cruise line sponsorship or advertising, and your responses are handled on a strictly confidential basis. We do not sell the names of visitors to our site. Our sole purpose is to offer the first-time or experienced cruiser an objective alternative to industry hype and hyperbole. We don’t want you to make a costly mistake when selecting the right ship or line.

This is not a robotic selection process. Instead, your responses to the questions that follow are carefully analyzed by our senior staff. Our ship selection is made by committee.

We will call you with our recommendation. If we are extremely busy, you will receive our recommendation by e-mail rather then phone. If more than two members of our Profile Committee are out of the country on ship inspections, you will be notified our response will take a bit longer. We trust you will understand that this is a serious process involving several people.

Please click on the one answer that best describes you (and your partner) and your personal cruise ship requirements. Press SEND when you have completed all questions. All fields are required; if a valid name, address, phone, and e-mail is not provided you will not receive an answer.

Personal Cruise Ship Profiler
Cautious travelers with some concerns about cruising
Concerned about the cost of cruising
Eager to begin with one of the top-rated lines
Willing to sacrifice quality to go on one of the popular major brands
Open. Let's discuss it.
One week Caribbean
Ten days or so in the Caribbean or going through the Panama Canal
Southern Europe (Italy/France/Spain etc.)
Scandinavia and Russia (Norway/Sweden/Russia/Denmark)
Mexico's West Coast
One Week Alaska Cruise
12-14 Day Alaska Cruisetour (land tour + one week cruise)
One week
Ten to Fourteen days
Longer than two weeks
Two, back-to-back 7-night cruises with different ports
Important to us since we will be traveling with children
Not that important - our children won't participate
A negative - we'd rather be on a ship geared towards adults
A hard-working, blue collar clientele
Average-income working people who are down to earth
One of the better ships with an average income of $100,000 plus
One of the top three luxury lines where everything is included
Quality of the food
Large, on-board casino and night action similar to Vegas
A sophisticated, low-key, elegant atmosphere
A wide choice of activities and shore excursions
The bottom line cost of our cruise
Whether or not drinks are included
The percentage of discount we will receive
The price is justified by the quality of the experience
Lots of activity choices for my family
A floating shopping mall
More safety and a smoother ride
We'd rather be on a more intimate, smaller ship
Relaxing on my balcony with a good book
Exploring new ports and seeing as much as I can
Being pampered by a staff that understands my needs
Letting my hair down and feeling I can party
We think we will be bored. Too little to do.
It appeals to us because it implies more personal service
We think we will be around other successful people
We worry about the ship's ability to handle rough seas
We hear they are much more expensive than the mega-ships
Rekindle our romance and celebrate our togetherness
Show the children a good time
Show the children that we can have a good time without them
Meet new, possibly lifetime friends
Enjoy quality time away from social pressures at home
A full day in port each day
A combination of ports and days at sea
No ports at all
As young as possible
60 +
A mix of all ages
It really doesn't matter
Cruising with the "Joe Sixpack" masses
All of the extra charges once you have paid for your cruise
The cheesey entertainment
The lack of emphasis on learning and education
Not getting to know a place well
Nothing about cruising really turns us off
Periodic boredom
Sea Sickness
Being a blue blazer in a sea of tattoos and tee shirts
Quite frankly - price
We don't want to dress up on vacation
Being with folks with whom we share little in common
Is upper end and includes all liquor in the price
Includes wine with dinner but charges for drinks
Costs less and does not include liquor
We would attend these performances
Maybe once or twice during a cruise
We would prefer lecturers
We would probably avoid the theater
Is really important to us. It's a major plus.
We might go once or twice - but it's not important
We don't like Las Vegas and we certainly are not going on a cruise to gamble
Is something that really concerns me - I would prefer new to old
As long as the quality is there - I don't care about the age of the ship
If older ships are less expensive we have no problem with that
A buffet restaurant with lots of self-service options
A somewhat casual sit-down dining room with food I can easily pronounce
A quality fine dining experience planned by a celebrity chef
The most important part of a cruise
Really quite secondary to the cruise experience
I really need to feel that I am away from the big ship ports
I really need to feel that I am away from the big ship ports
$150 - $300
$300 - $500
$500 - $800
$800 - $1000
A financial lecturer
One of the stars of the Cooking Channel
A famous WWII Historian
A famous Rap Star
A Garden Expert
An NFL Star
Laid-back beach bums
Ready to relax from job-related stress
Anxious to learn as much as we can
People who appreciate the finer things in life
Being part of a herd on a huge ship
Being on a ship that is too small to have the facilities we require
Being on a ship too large to get into the interesting ports
Being placed with the wrong group of people