Q – We just spent three nights at the JW Marriott in Dallas and absolutely loved the bed. We both slept like a baby and made up for the sleep we’ve been lost the past several weeks dealing with some issues at home. We’re back a week and my lovely wife instructs me that I am to order the bed. Do I call the hotel or some company that handles it for them?

A – You could contact the hotel directly and ask for Guest Services. But it is highly likely you were sleeping on an 800 coil Serta “Perfect Sleeper”. We would suggest you call a nearby mattress store that carries Serta products. They should be able to get it for you and deliver it quickly. By the way, the top sleep specialists in the nation have pretty much proven that you cannot compensate for lost sleep. The body just doesn’t work that way. Sleep is very much an independent, single event similar to pulling the handle on a slot machine in Vegas, but there are also betting apps which are extremely popular and people visit to go and make some money this way. What happened before has no impact on the event. Hotel Pillows BX

Virtually all of the major hotel chains have now gotten into the bedding business. For some, like the Four Season and Ritz Carlton brands, it has become a profitable side business. Our recommendation is to pass on the bed and use the hotels for their specially constructed pillows and duvets.