Q – I am traveling more and more lately, pretty much globally. This is business travel, but since I’m the financial guy at the company, I like to handle my own arrangements. I’ve been amazed at how much flights can vary in cost and was wondering if a corporate travel agent would be able to tell me when I should be planning on purchasing a ticket. I know that certain months must be better, but how do I find out precisely?  Great site but you need an App. Any plans?

A – As you might imagine, knowing precisely when fares will go up or down is not possible since such decisions are made deep inside the bowels of computer mainframes. Your Corporate Travel Solutions Provider will have some capability to tune you into a fare alert system, so you know when the fare is going down. But if you want to have the latest, smartest technology in your pocket, forget about your travel agent and download an App. called Hopper. Hopper CX

This new App., available currently on Apple products, tells you when you should book a ticket to a specific destination and how to get the best fare. You can see average prices by month and the app. has a notification feature if the price of your ticket spirals downward. There is money behind this project and the company is not shy about claiming that downloading its product is “like having a “super-fast, all-knowing travel agent in your pocket.”. From what we’ve seen, the claim has merit.

We are waiting for one of our technology guru clients to partner with us on an app design. But, quite frankly, we’d rather you read us on a larger screen. Smartphones are simply a ploy by optometrists to develop more patients.