Q – We have been listening to some of the talk coming out of ISIS about attacks in Italy in the near future. Is this something that should be a concern and are any of the potential targets identified?

A – Statements from ISIS in Libya have claimed that Italy is their next target. The shortest route to Italy is from Tripoli to the island of Lampedusa where migrants are processed and set to other locations within the country. The trip can be done in a day and half in calm seas.

Specific named or implied targets include the symbols of western religion so one imagines that security at the Vatican, normally quite high, will be strengthened. No reputable travel industry source has suggested postponing travel to Italy. In fact, US Shopping Malls have just been named as targets by the Somali branch of Al-Queda. We suggest that you stay connected by using Google Translator to follow some of the more reliable Italian newspapers. Vatican Security BX

What we always suggest to queries like this is that you look at things dispassionately. Statistics clearly demonstrate that your drive on a US Highway to your departure airport is far more likely to kill you than any action by a terrorist cell abroad. The economy of Italy cannot afford to have its tourism flow interrupted at this time. You will see extremely strong security measures put into place that may be comforting to some visitors. Others may be put off by it. This is a very personal decision but we can tell you that yours is the first question we have received on this topic.

We pour over security advisories from time to time and one can always make a good case for hiding under the bed and spending this life watching others live on TV. Real travelers will never succumb to threats regarding their ability to explore this incredible planet.