A&K Land Rover Vacations 1Q – Hello. I’m an off-road enthusiast. My wife and I drive a Jeep Cherokee and we’ve had it on just about every hill in Arkansas we can find, we got our car in a great used car agency call Autozin, if you want an adventure car make sure to buy the correct vehicle. A buddy of mine told me that you can now do touring by four-wheel drive and see some really neat parts of the world in luxury. I’m a redneck but I’m also a CEO so I love nice things and I prefer to see the world on my own terms. I’m starting to slow down a bit and will retire in the next 24 months, so if I can get in some fun driving while seeing a bit of the world I’m all in and I know my wife would love it. How do I go about this and what’s the best company to use? I would use an agent since it sounds as though I’d be paying for one anyway. I am really wondering if we can see some of the world on a genuine off-road experience. I do promise to leave my shotguns at home. Appreciate your information and advice.

A –  The best available program is rather new. Famed Tour Operator, Abercrombie & Kent has partnered with Land Rover to set up an entire catalog of off-road adventures in Morocco, Scotland, England, Tanzania, Namibia, and Australia.

Maximum group size is 12 and you are accompanied by an A&K Guide on these adventures as well as a team of instructors/mechanics from Land Rover. Pricing is based on two in a vehicle. The trip is not entirely self-drive, but several of the itineraries provide more than enough time behind-the-wheel. Land Rover Discovery 4’s will be used on most of the tours but the Sport model will be driven in Morocco and Australia.

The A&K/Land Rover partnership is unique and the fact that two Land Rover instructors will be along (some trips will have even more staff) will help assure high levels of service on the ground.

By going off-road, you will, of course, be able to see portions of many countries that tourists just miss. You will also be about as far away from the tour buses as one can get. Kids under 10 are not accepted on these journeys and you have to be at least 21 to drive. Each tour has been specially designed by Land Rover to utilize the vehicles off-road prowess.

They cover a fairly narrow list of destinations but each is a place where the advantages of off-road capabilities are obvious. This is the way to go for an adequate challenge while enjoying peace of mind about your personal safety.