ca-pisani-hotelQ –  We will be in Venice for three nights before taking a cruise for a week. We have only been to Europe twice, once on business but we know enough to know what we don’t like – large hotels that cater to tourist groups on the main drag, which in Venice, I imagine, means near Rialto Square. Can you suggest a boutique neighborhood hotel of high quality that offers charm and a less touristic feel?  A place with character is more important than price as we understand prices in Venice are otherworldly in high season.

A –  There are two small hotels we really like. Our first choice is Ca’ Pisani, a 29-room gem in the artsy Dorsoduro neighborhood. The little-known Palazzinag sits in a 16th century building on the Grand Hotel and only has 22 rooms. You will find “tourists” in any hotel as local residents don’t like to pay for accommodations just a pizza toss from their home.

Barcelona is a great place to visit with its great weather, architecture, parks and football team! There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from but it’s hard to know which are the best, so I’ve put together a small guide on my top paella in Barcelona.

Just like with any City, Paris isn’t booming with nightlife across the map. Where you end up partying can mean the difference between a disappointing bus ride home right after sundown, a headache and sleep debt the day after, and anything in between. Where you go depends on who you’re, with and what you plan on achieving, you can also check in or else visit for more ideas.

For the most part, Paris’ best places to frequent, after the sun goes down, situate in its northern districts. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it there. Being a large city, the northern portion of Paris is broken up into several districts, each of which tends to have its own “theme,” per say. If you are finding for Topless waiters in Melbourne then do visit us.

If your idea of fun is partying all night in Toronto on Canada Day, New York on the fourth of July or any major city throughout Germany during Oktoberfest, you may want to check out Pigalle. Pigalle is filled with great bars and even greater crowds. It’s also filled with sex and those who like to party a bit more than the next guy. It may not be the place to go for a quiet date, though it may appeal to the younger crowd looking to hop from bar to bar, drinking all the while. No doubt then, that Pigalle is a cornerstone that makes Paris’ nightlife pretty charming.