Q – We are thinking about taking the family out to California in mid-December as soon as school gets out on the 12th. Will the park in Anaheim be opening up by then? The other possibility is a family trip to Tahiti for a week. We’re a family of four and the kids are 15 and 13. Any advice would be appreciated. 

A – California has a very specific plan in place with specific Covid-case goals that must be met for a public facility to open. This is done on a county-by-county basis. Currently, Disneyworld would have to move up two full places on the scale set by the state which likely means the park will remain closed well into 2021. March or April are currently the predicted opening months but that is uncertain. The Disney officials are not happy with this decision.

Florida remains open because ………….well because its Florida. At Disneyworld, Goofy is wearing a mask many of the area politicians are not. We would, at this late date, avoid Orlando over Christmas. 

Tahiti is a long haul – about eight and a half hours from LA. You will pay premium prices for air and accommodations and youy really need to ask yourserlf if the distance is worth it in prime season for only a week?

There are more options in Hawaii and that is something we think you should explore. Don’t even think about doing this online – sit down with a professional consultant and do it as soon as possible.