Q – 9.7.21 – Wondering how the Elite Traveler Club is coming along and if you feel it is a success worth expanding? What can we expect in 2022/2023 in terms of Club changes?

A – The Elite Traveler Concierge Club was formed in early 2019. It has been extremely successful with more than a third of our guests currently members. ETCC Members now account for 55% of our total business and that number is increasing.

It is clear that we are moving in the direction of catering to a more select group of travelers who understand the financial incentives to join the Club and who genuinely feel that having Angela, Richard and our entire team overseeing their arrangements and advocating on their behalf is well worth the $250 per person annual dues we are currently charging.

Will we require Club Membership for guests who wish to work with us in 2022 or 2023? It is likely we will and we are in discussions, along with our very informal “Advisory Board” to work that out as efficiently and as fairly as possible. Our Membership Fees will likely increase.

We have been working seven days a week on bookings, cancellations, future credits etc. We are not paid for this. We have not charged our normal; change fees or cancellations fees during Covid. It is now time to direct 100% of our efforts to those who truly value our personalized services.