Q – One of the things that we have noticed about Churchill & Turen is that you don’t seem to be really pushing travel within the United States. Meanwhile, every travel agency in the state is sending us special offers to travel out West, to the East Coast, and, of course, to sunny Florida this winter. Are we reading something into this? Why so few mentions or domestic travel offers?

A – Actually you are quite perceptive. We have just never bought into the idea of encouraging travel within the United States versus the option of traveling abroad to countries with better track records on the pandemic. Johns Hopkins University points out that The United States has suffered nearly one-fifth of the world’s covid-19 deaths even though we account for just over 4 percent of the world’s population. Twenty-three percent of the world’s recorded coronavirus cases have occurred among Americans. That makes travel within the United States statistically riskier than many international options. That is why we’ve never embraced the idea. While we’re certainly not the only country in the world to experience an anti-vax movement, ours is statistically greater than the vast majority of countries that suffer from third and fourth waves of the virus. It is highly unlikely that we will achieve anything like herd immunity. It is hard not to conclude that domestic travel involving cities and crowds carries with it a level of risk we’re just not able to embrace. If our guests want to stay at a Montage Resort in Deer Valley or an Aman Resort in Utah, we have the connections and will make it happen. But for most Americans, we think travel involving large public gatherings and crowds is not a vacation option we are comfortable recommending at this time. But please note, ours is very much a minority view on this subject and we suspect that many of our guests will come to a different conclusion.