Q – 1.20.22 – Let me first apologize for barging onto your truly excellent site. I am a travel agency owner in Houston. Given the way you all approach things on traveltruth I am wondering how you are handling clients who want to visit western Europe in the next several months. Are you telling them it is safe or are you telling them to wait a year?  

I realize that this is not an “industry” site but I think you know many of us read it like “the Bible”. Well, that may be an exaggeration given I’m in Texas where we still actually read the read “Bible”. But you know what I mean. Thanks and hope you will respond on traveltruth. Thanks and stay well.

A – Welcome. The short answer is it depends on their health, travel sophistication, and awareness of risk. If, for instance, we have a client who lives in Wyoming on a ranch and has retired “so I don’t have to interact with people I don’t like”, we are going to think twice about sending that person into the middle of Madrid. But short of that, in the vast majority of cases, we believe that travel in Europe is likely statistically safer than it is in the States where the client resides. The number of anti-vaxxers in the United States is just much higher than it is in large parts of Europe although there are stubborn minorities on the issue of vaccinations all over the world.  

We do have rather frequent conversations with clients about the method of travel.  We may, for instance, advise against independent travel where, if something goes wrong, you are on your own. We want to work exclusively with tour firms that employ highly-trained guides leading tours for “protected” travelers who would step in and assist were a medical emergency to occur. We believe that escorted tours and cruises using the very best suppliers are the safest way to proceed to Europe these days. But, as you know, most of the practitioners in our industry sell just about anything on price so the consumer is often placed at risk. Please stay well and best to our many friends in Texas.