Q – 1.21.22  This is supposed to be an “honest”, “hype-free” site. So let me ask you something. How are you serving your readers/followers if you simply skip over the biggest travel story of the year – the pending collapse of Crystal Cruises? We are scheduled to sail on Crystal in October and we can’t tell you how revealing it is that you have nothing on your site at all about the pending bankruptcy of Crystal. I am going to imagine, given your tone, that you sell a lot of Crystal. So your silence on this subject is deafening. “Traveltruth” – right!

A – What can we say. You are correct. But we suspect that might have something to do with the fact that you are looking for updated Crystal Cruises information on one of our “Non-Cruise” sites. You may notice that this site is all about travel questions related to any aspect of travel except cruises or riverboats. We have two sister sites that deal exclusively with those topics with thousands of pages of relevant content and specific “to the subject” Q&A.  There are currently six sites in our Media Group – all are operated on a non-profit, ad-free basis.

So here is what we want you to do. Just navigate down on our home page until you see the “Links to Our Other Web Sites” photo. You will then see a drop-down menu that will take you to “”. Just click on it with either hand and then go to the Q&A section which you will recognize by the notation “Q&A”. There, you will find, perhaps, the most comprehensive coverage of the Crystal situation available. You won’t have to search as our questions/answers are always listed chronologically.