Q –  3.7.22 We will be departing for Bogota in three months from today and we are wondering who checks our papers to make sure that we have all the necessary forms. We are Canadian citizens as the world of international travel just seems so confusing in so many ways. I would prefer not to be denied entry. Thanks so much for your excellent website.

A – It strikes us that you may be a bit premature. We would wait until about 45 days prior to departure as entry requirements are changing rapidly as Covid restrictions are being reformulated. 

The fact that many travelers miss is that your first international flight check-in is where you will need to present all of the necessary paperwork to qualify for departure. So the first step is to call your airline or to check on its website. (Always download the App of any international airline you will be flying in the coming year). Please do not forget to include and check on those countries you will be flying through as part of your itinerary.

We do suggest that all international travelers, particularly those en route to South America take a PCR Test before departure just so you have additional proof that you are negative. 

One website we think you will find useful is:


When you arrive at the airport for your flight to Bogota you will find many helpful folks anxious to review your documentation. They will likely be wearing Canadian Customs uniforms.