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Travel writing ought to have an edge. We prefer looking at destinations and airline practices, new ship launches, and escorted tours, with a somewhat skeptical, critical eye. It ought to be possible to name names when comparing travel products and it certainly ought to be possible to write about travel without taking it too seriously.

The articles you will see here are written by industry professionals with more than twenty years of experience inside the travel business. Our cruise articles are written by a former cruise line insider, our tour articles are written by pros who work with major tour companies every day. We want to provide you with information that you will not be able to get from a writer unfamiliar with the inner workings of the travel business.

Whether you are a Churchill & Turen Ltd. client or a visitor to our site seeking information, we trust you will find our travel "truthful."


With that in mind, enjoy our "Golden Oldies".

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Updated: October 6, 2005